The Alliance Group Realty


September 2012

"Hi David,
Thank you for the phone message and response to my message. Greg and I enjoyed meeting you and your lovely daughter at the Westin.
You have already done so much for us we are very grateful. The properties all have given us so much possible opportunities…..we like them all. You are exactly the realtor we have been looking for and feel that we can trust you to help us make our dreams come true.

Thank you for getting to know us and the multiple levels of homeownership we seek. We are just a middle class family that feels we may actually have a chance in the current economy to have the dream home our parents always dreamed of, along with giving back to the community.

- Evelyn Luckenbill, Justin, TX

We Couldn't Be Happier

"Regardless of where we were at and how many times we called David, he always met us with respect and enthusiasm. David really knows the island. He could tell us what to expect in each area both on Hilton Head Island and off island as well. He was very creative and knowledgeable about how to get what we wanted . He has connections with builders, home improvement contractors, banks and other real estate sales people. He also went through our process of considering building. All along, David has always expressed to us that he just wanted us to get down and enjoy the Hilton Head life in whatever made us happy. We couldn't be happier. We love our new home, and I believe David's expertise, patience, and desire for this to be the right home for us, makes me thankful for his integrity in this process.

- Christine Smith, Barrington, IL/Hilton Head Islan

You have Many Choices...

"You have many choices of people to work with, on this journey of a dream home on Hilton Head Island. ... I would like to wholeheartedly recommend that you work with David Bragg …..We really came to rely on David's complete honesty in discussing the pro's and con's of different communities; the advantages and shortcomings of specific houses; and in the context of our ultimate purchase from David, his valuable expertise in terms of the financial aspects of our purchase. These included relying on his extensive knowledge of the market in terms of crafting our offers ... and ultimately closing on the house of our dreams. So, there are a myriad of reasons as to why we totally recommend David Bragg as the ONLY real estate professional we would work with on Hilton Head . But beyond that, the primary reason we recommend David, is that we have become very close friends. I hope this has given you some insight into the caliber and quality of the person you will be working with, when you choose to have David assist you in finding your home on this magical island! Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone, at 847-804-2448, if you have any further questions, or you would like me to regale you further about our wonderful experience in working with David !

- Gray Smith, Barrington IL/Hilton Head Island,